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Pledges – Empower your friends

  • Upload a comment to Stop the War
  • Post the 1812 link to stop the war on FB and X
  • Invite a friend to PLEDGE!
  • Say sorry to someone you have hurt
  • or simply choose one of your own
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Pledges – Gen3M Futures Fund

PLEDGE Gen3M Futures Fund is an excellent economic stimulus program designed to help the global economy recover from the impacts of Covid.

To restore the global economy to pre-Covid levels, significant consumer expenditure is required, which necessitates individuals working and earning a living. Gen3M can help, even though we’re mostly all students. Our promises have value! Gen3M has set up a Futures Fund.


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Recovery Over Crimea Support

Polina’s life was taken but her legacy will save other. Our focus is now the welfare of the people of Ukraine, seeking recovery from where it all started: Crimea Pledge Funds

100% of the proceeds with Pledges for Ukraine fo to Ukraine via Kids 4 Kids Inc. Donations are fully tax-deductable under Australian Law